Friday, July 15, 2011

Running TeamViewer 5/6 as root on Linux | Fedora | Ubuntu | RHEL | CentOS

First of all Let me tell you that this HOWTO is performed on Fedora Ubuntu Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. This post is applied for TeamViewer Version 5 and 6.
Here is the post on TeamViewer on Linux Again. Hoping that you guys enjoyed previous post regarding TeamViewer Installing on Linux.
Now Here I am going to post 1 trick and tips for TeamViewer. Many Users who likes to work as root and but in TeamViewer 5 there is restriction for Running as root.
Whenever you are trying to run TeamViewer as root from Terminal, You will get message like below :-
TeamViewer must not be executed as root!
By Following very few steps you will be able to run TeamViewer as root.
Perform Following Steps to run TeamViewer As root.
  1. Of Course you have to be root to perform these all steps.
  2. Please Open Terminal on Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS ( Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal )
    Please Open Terminal on Ubuntu ( Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal )
  3. Now Lets find where exactly teamviewer command is. Execute Following command to Find it out.
    []# which teamviewer
    <– You will get this kind of output on your terminal
  4. Be safe So First Lets take a backup of Original TeamViewer Command. Execute Following Command
    cp /usr/bin/teamviewer /usr/bin/teamviewer-orig
  5. Let’s Open teamviewer file. Here in /usr/bin/teamviewer they have put the restriction for root user. So Lets Remove it. Open File By Executing vim /usr/bin/teamviewer and You will able to see following lines into /usr/bin/teamviewer :-
    userid=$(id -u)
    if [ $userid = 0 ]
    echo TeamViewer must not be executed as root!
    exit 1

    CHANGE those line to
    ##userid=$(id -u)
    ##if [ $userid = 0 ]
    ##        echo TeamViewer must not be executed as root!
    ##        exit 1

    Save and Exit this file ( Press “ESC” then Press :wq! )
  6. To Open TeamViewer from GUIClick on Applications -Internet -> TeamViewer
  7. To Open TeamViewer from Terminal in Fedora, Red Hat and CentOS. Click on Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal. On Terminal Execute Command teamviewerTo Open TeamViewer from Terminal in Ubuntu. Click on Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal. On Terminal Execute Command teamviewer
  8. That’s It Guys
Hope you all like this tip about Running TeamViewer as root on Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS and RHEL. Please let me know if you face any difficulties while performing above steps. I have not tested it on Ubuntu but it should work with same way.