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Tutorials, tips and tricks for Xiaomi Mi 3

Learn how to set up and use your Xiaomi Mi 3. Here are the articles to help you learn about the basic features of the Mi 3 and answer some FAQs.


  1. How to customize your Xiaomi Mi 3 phone ?
  2. How to setup a new Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  3. How to upgrade the firmware over the air on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  4. How to turn keyboard sound on/off on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  5. How to set a song as your ringtone on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  6. How to use a music file as the notification sound on Mi 3 ?
  7. How to change your Mi 3 phone theme ?
  8. How to customize the quick settings button on Mi 3’s Toggle screen ?
  9. How to customize your Xiaomi Mi 3 phone ?
  10. How to do a screen capture on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  11. How to enable hidden Developer Options menu on Mi 3 ?
  12. How to scan QR codes with your Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  13. How to access Mi-Recovery on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  14. How to factory reset a Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  15. How to change the font on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  16. How to change the language from Chinese to English on Mi 3 ?
  17. How to remove a Gmail (or Google) account on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  18. How to you use Xiaomi Mi 3 with gloves ?
  19. How to use Google Search on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  20. How to backup your Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  21. How to quickly turn your Xiaomi Mi 3 into a flashlight ?
  22. How to switch between simplified and traditional Chinese inputs on your Xiaomi phone ?
  23. How to disable all navigation buttons on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  24. How to setup screen saver on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  25. How to locate and remote control your lost Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  26. How to add more apps to the bottom tray on Mi 3 ?
  27. How to reset a forgotten PIN/Pattern/Password on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  28. How to access an app’s info screen on Xiaomi Mi3 ?
  29. How to add and remove folders on your Xiaomi’s home screens ?
  30. How to disable pre-installed apps (Bloatware) on Xiaomi phone ?
  31. How to hide files/folders in Explorer on Xiaomi device ?
  32. How to get the Xiaomi Mi 3 setup file in English ?
  33. How to disable wallpaper scrolling on Xiaomi phone (MIUI V5) ?
  34. How to get back the Clock/Weather widget on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?
  35. How to check if your Xiaomi phone is fake or not using Mi Identification ?
  36. How to prevent screen lock when making or answering a call on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?
  37. How to transfer files between a Mac and a Xiaomi device ?

Contacts and Communication

  1. How to set up a Hotmail/Live/Outlook account on Redmi/Mi 3 in MIUI V5 ?
  2. How to set a ringtone for a particular contact on Mi 3 ?
  3. How to record calls on your Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  4. How to add/delete/transfer SIM contacts on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  5. How to speed up dialing frequent contacts on your Xiaomi phone ?
  6. How to stop the screen from turning on when receiving a text message on your Xiaomi phone ?
  7. How to change the email signature on your Xiaomi phone ?
  8. How to open a zipped email attachment on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  9. How add, delete and manage contact groups on Xiaomi phone ?
  10. How to transfer messages (SMS) from iPhone to Xiaomi phone ?
  11. How to create a shortcut to a Gmail account on Xiaomi phone ?
  12. How to create a shortcut to a specific email account on Xiaomi phone ?
  13. How to reject a call with predefined message on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  14. How to setup an AOL email account on Xiaomi phone ?
  15. How to delete multiple contacts on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?
  16. How to block a number/call on Xiaomi Mi 3 running MIUI V5 ?
  17. How to link a contact with WhatsApp manually on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?
  18. How to block all unknown calls on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?

Media and Entertainment

  1. How to hide an album from appearing in Mi 3’s Gallery ?
  2. How to play rmvb, avi, flv, mkv, mov and mp4 on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  3. How to repeat and shuffle songs on Xiaomi device ?
  4. How to set wallpaper on Xiaomi phone without cropping ?
  5. How to delete recording files on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?
  6. How to permit WhatsApp to use the Camera app on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?

Web and Network

  1. How to view Flash based websites on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  2. How to connect Xiaomi Mi 3 to a Wi-Fi network ?
  3. How to transfer data from your Xiaomi Mi 3 using Android beam ?
  4. How to transfer files via Bluetooth on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  5. How to find the MAC and IP addresses of your Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  6. How to configure your Xiaomi Mi 3 to use a proxy server ?
  7. How to set up your Xiaomi Mi 3 as a portable Wi-Fi Router ?
  8. How to use the Data usage feature on your Xiaomi device ?
  9. Why does the search bar disappear on your Xiaomi Mi3 ?
  10. How to reduce data usage when using Browser on Xiaomi device ?
  11. Why can’t I load/use certain apps using 3G on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?
  12. How to view Flash based websites on Xiaomi phone running Android KitKat (4.4) ?


  1. How to uninstall multiple apps at once on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  2. How to uninstall an app on Xiaomi Mi 3 ? All 4 methods
  3. How to zip and unzip files and folders on Mi 3 ?
  4. How to install the Mi Market app on your Android device ?
  5. How to add custom fonts on your Xiaomi phone using iFont ?
  6. How to solve contacts not displayed in Whatsapp on your Xiaomi phone ?
  7. How to change the default market to Google Play on your Xiaomi device ?
  8. How to install MiPhone Manager on your Windows computer ?
  9. How to secure your Xiaomi (Mi Cloud) account with Xiaomi Authenticator ?
  10. How to change the default market to Google Play on your Xiaomi device ?
  11. How to update software using MiPhone Manager on Xiaomi phone ?
  12. How to delete and move multiple apps at once on Xiaomi Mi 3 ?
  13. How to create shortcuts for photos, videos and files on Xiaomi phone ?
  14. How to show dual clock of different cities on Xiaomi phone’s home screen ?
  15. How to manually install Google Play Store on your Xiaomi device ?
  16. How to display notifications on Xiaomi phone’s lock screen ?
  17. How to get NiLS Lockscreen to work on your Xiaomi phone ?
  18. How to install SwiftKey keyboard on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?
  19. How to install a new keyboard on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?
  20. Why does WhatsApp keep asking me for permission to access the contact list on my Xiaomi phone ?

Google Good to Know

Search for emails by size and more in Gmail

Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in Gmail search. These operators allow you to find what you're looking for quickly and accurately. They can also be used to set up filters so you can organize your inbox automatically. Some of the most useful operators are listed below.
You can also refine your search by clicking the arrow in the search box.

from:Used to specify the senderExample: from:amy
Meaning: Messages from Amy
to:Used to specify a recipientExample: to:david
Meaning: All messages that were sent to David (by you or someone else)
subject:Search for words in the subject lineExample: subject:dinner
Meaning: Messages that have the word "dinner" in the subject
ORSearch for messages matching term A or term B*
*OR must be in all caps
Example: from:amy OR from:david
Meaning: Messages from Amy or from David
Used to exclude messages from your searchExample: dinner -movie
Meaning: Messages that contain the word "dinner" but do not contain the word "movie"
label:Search for messages by labelExample: from:amy label:friends
Meaning: Messages from Amy that have the label "friends"
Example: from:david label:my-family
Meaning: Messages from David that have the label "My Family"
has:attachmentSearch for messages with an attachmentExample: from:david has:attachment
Meaning: Messages from David that have an attachment
list:Search for messages on mailing listsExample:
Meaning: Messages with the words in the headers, sent to or from this list
filename:Search for an attachment by name or typeExample: filename:physicshomework.txt
Meaning: Messages with an attachment named "physicshomework.txt"
Example: label:work filename:pdf
Meaning: Messages labeled "work" that also have a PDF file as an attachment
" "(quotes)Used to search for an exact phrase*
*Capitalization isn't taken into consideration
Example: "i'm feeling lucky"
Meaning: Messages containing the phrase "i'm feeling lucky" or "I'm feeling lucky"
Example: subject:"dinner and a movie"
Meaning: Messages containing the phrase "dinner and a movie" in the subject
( )Used to group words
Used to specify terms that shouldn't be excluded
Example: from:amy (dinner OR movie)
Meaning: Messages from Amy that contain either the word "dinner" or the word "movie"
Example: subject:(dinner movie)
Meaning: Messages in which the subject contains both the word "dinner" and the word "movie"
in:anywhereSearch for messages anywhere in Gmail*
*Messages in Spam and Trashare excluded from searches by default
Example: in:anywhere movie 
Meaning: Messages in All MailSpam, andTrash that contain the word "movie"
Search for messages in Inbox,Trash, or SpamExample: in:trash from:amy
Meaning: Messages from Amy that are inTrash
Search within messages thatPriority Inbox considers important.Example: is:important from:janet
Meaning: Messages from Janet that were marked as important by Priority Inbox
Search for messages that are starred, unread, or readExample: is:read is:starred from:David
Meaning: Messages from David that have been read and are marked with a star
Search for messages with a particular starExample: has:purple-star from:David
Meaning: Messages from David that are marked with a purple star
Used to specify recipients in thecc: or bcc: fields*
*Search on bcc: cannot retrieve messages on which you were blind carbon copied
Example: cc:david 
Meaning: Messages that were cc-ed to David
Search for messages sent or received during a certain period of time
(using the date format yyyy/mm/dd)
Example: after:2004/04/16 before:2004/04/18 
Meaning: Messages sent between April 16, 2004 and April 18, 2004.*
*More precisely: Messages sent after 12:00 AM (or 00:00) April 16, 2004 and before April 18, 2004.
Similar to older and newer, but allows relative dates using dm, and y for daymonth, and yearExample: newer_than:2d
Meaning: Finds messages sent within the last two days.
is:chatSearch for chat messagesExample: is:chat monkey
Meaning: Any chat message including the word "monkey."
deliveredto:Search for messages within a particular email address in the Delivered-To line of the message
Meaning: Any message with in the Delivered-To: field of the message header (which can help you find messages forwarded from another account or ones sent to an alias).
circle:Search for messages that were sent from someone who you added to a particular Google+ circleExample: circle:friends
Meaning: Any message that was sent by a person in your "Friends" circle.

Examples: circle:"soccer friends (team blue)" or circle:"my \"fab four\""
Notes: For circle names that include a space, parentheses, curly brackets, or vertical bar, add quotes around the name. For names that include quotes, add a back slash immediately before the quotes.
has:circleSearch for all messages that were sent from someone who you added to your Google+ circlesExample: has:circle 
Meaning: Any message that was sent by a person in any of your circles.
category:Search for messages within a categoryExample: category:updates
Meaning: All messages in the Updates category.

Example: category:social Mindy
Meaning: Messages in the Social category that include “Mindy.”
size:Search for messages larger than the specified size in bytesExample: size:1000000 
Meaning: All messages larger than 1MB (1,000,000 bytes) in size.
Similar to size: but allows abbreviations for numbersExample: larger:10M 
Meaning: All messages of at least 10M bytes (10,000,000 bytes) in size.
(plus sign)
Match the search term exactlyExample: +unicorn 
Meaning: Finds messages containing “unicorn” but not “unicorns” or “unciorn”
rfc822msgid:Find a message by the message-id
Meaning: Locates the exact message with the specified SMTP message-id. Learn more about headers.
Search for messages that have and have not had labels that you created applied to them.
NOTE: Gmail applies labels to individual messages, not to conversation threads.
Example: has:nouserlabels
Meaning: Finds all messages without any of your own labels (excludes automatic labels like inbox, spam, and trash). Since Gmail applies labels to individual messages, you might see results that appear to have labels; in this case, another message in the same conversation thread has had a label applied to it.

Boolean operators

You can use boolean operators such as 'OR' when searching in Gmail.
For example, to look for messages from and messages that contain the subject line 'Meeting reminder', you can enter ' OR meeting reminder' in your Gmail search box.
Using these along with Gmail's advanced operators can be a great way of making your search criteria more powerful.
The 'or' function in Gmail is represented by 'OR,' and the 'not' function is represented by a minus (-). You also can use quotes (" ") to specify an exact phrase.