Saturday, May 10, 2014

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The Best Book "Learning Nagios 4"

"The Best Book to Learn Nagios 4"


This book will introduce Nagios to readers who are interested in monitoring their systems. All the concepts in the book are explained in a simplified manner, presented in an easy-to-understand language with lots of tips, tricks, and illustrations.

This book is great for system administrators interested in using Nagios to monitor their systems. It will also help professionals who have already worked with earlier versions of Nagios to understand the new features of Nagios 4 and provides usable solutions to real-life problems related to Nagios administration. To effectively use this book, system administration knowledge is required. If you want to create your own plug-ins, knowledge of scripting languages like Perl, shell and Python is expected.

The following topics covered in this Book

·  Install and configure Nagios to administer your network and system
·  Deploy agents and plug-ins, and monitor assets with advanced features of Nagios
·  Notify users of current and future incidents to protect the availability, performance, and security of monitored assets
·  Configure and work your way around the Nagios web interface
·  Pass service and host check results over the network using NSCA
·  Set up a working and usable distributed monitoring system using NSClient++
·  Develop custom plug-ins responsible for performing checks and analyzing results
·  Use the web interface to manage scheduled downtimes for hosts and services
·  Implement adaptive monitoring to modify various check-related parameters
·  Make use of SSH and NRPE to perform remote checks
·  Use SNMP to retrieve information from a device, set options, and also cover means for a device to notify other machines about a failure.