Saturday, September 13, 2014

Installing google apps on genymotion

  1. Download
  2. Import this into Virtual Box
  3. Open Genymotion
  4. Play the device
  5. Enjoy!
For this we have to install genymotion

Finally we have to use like this

/home/suresh/Downloads/genymotion/player --vm-name genymotion_vbox86p_4.2.2_130923_154637


Produced by Genymobile, Genymotion is already trusted by 1 500 000 developers.
It’s even easier to use and has lots more functionalities.
Genymotion is an emulator using x86 architecture virtualization, making it much more efficient!
Taking advantage of OpenGL hardware acceleration, it allows you to test your applications with amazing 3D performance.