Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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The 10 best social networking apps

Multiple formats; free
Mobile phones are about staying in touch and with a smartphone that means staying in touch with your social networks too. Facebook has millions of mobile users and an app for almost every handset, making it easy to check messages, view photos and now use Facebook Places to find money-saving deals near your location.
Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad; free
There are dozens of mobile Twitter clients, but the official app is dominant despite only appearing less than a year ago (it is built on top of Tweetie). With a eay-to-use, full features it's easy to see why.
Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Nokia; free
The service that first brought free VoIP calls to millions of desktops is now well and truly mobile. Voice and video calling are offered via 3G and Wifi.
Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Palm; free
Yelp is the leading US website for user-generated reviews of bars, restaurants and shops. It has now launched in the UK and its array of apps can help you get involved.
Android, iPhone; free
This app allows users to intuitively swap contacts, photos, become Facebook friends and more by literally bumping their phones together. Useful for networking - in business and in bars.
Android; free
This app brings the iPhone's useful Visual Voicemail feature to Android devices. It allows you to see who left a message before you decided whether you need ot listen to it, and to access it without plodding through menus,
Android, iPhone
This app offer free voice and video calls over WiFi and 3G. You can use it to log into your Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Google Talk and other communications accounts, too.
Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia; £0.59
If you can excuse the terrible pun, WhatsApp is a simple way of cutting SMS charges, expecially if you're travelling. Users of the application on any compatible platform can swap messages for free, including photos.
Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia; free
Among dozens of instant messenger apps, eBuddy stands out for its user-friendliness. Sign in to your Yahoo!, MSNm AOL, Google Talk, Facebook Chat and other instant messenger accounts from one app.
Android; free
Typing on smartphones is no fun. Swiftkey aims to make it a less frustrating experience by replacing your keyboard with one with that intelligently predicts words and learns your style.