Friday, February 12, 2016

Google Is Once Again Offering 2GB Of Free Drive Space If You Complete The Account Security Checkup

Google remembered Safer Internet Day, though. To celebrate, it has brought back the free data reward for completing a security audit of your account. A few minutes of your time gets you an extra 2GB of Drive storage for free.
The security checkup is painless and only takes a few minutes. You'll review your account recovery options, connected devices, services with permissions on your account, and 2-step verification settings. The 2GB of storage might not show up in your account immediately, but when it does, it will be there permanently.
2016-02-08 10_57_42-Secure Account - Account Settings
Google did the same thing last year for Safer Internet Day, and it sure would be nice if they kept at it. We don't yet know when this offer will expire, but last year you had a week to complete the checkup. There might be a Google blog post at some point with details.

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