Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Configure NIS + autofs sevices in RHEL 5

step 1: configure NIS services in client side
# authconfig-tui
//enter NIS domain name=netexample;
step 2: checking folder and user info from NIS server
# ypcat passwd | grep username  //username home directory in server
step 3: configure autofs master file in client computer
# vim /etc/auto.master
/home/guests          /etc/auto.my
//do not need create /home/guests directory in advanced
//info of /home/guests, user can use ypcat passwd to find
step 4:configure autofs slave file
# vim /etc/auto.my
*    server1.example.com:/home/guests/&
//showmount -e server1.example.com
step 5: restart autofs service
# service autofs restart
# chkconfig autofs on
step 6: test
login with username and password