Sunday, December 11, 2011

PV commands in AIX

lspv                         show all PV's in the system and their status

lspv hdisk0              display status and characteristics of the PV hdisk0

lspv -p hdisk0          display PP usage of hdisk0 and their location

lspv -l hdisk0           To list all logical volumes on PV hdisk0 and their  distribution

chpv -v r hdisk1       make unavailable the PV (Used while removing PV without varyoffvg)

chpv -v a hdisk1      make PV available.(Open the PV)

chpv -c hdisk0        Clear the master boot record on PV hdisk0 (CAREFULLY..!!)

migratepv hdisk1 hdisk2  To move PPs from hdisk1 to hdisk2

migratepv -l newlv hdisk1 hdisk2   To migrate LV newlv from hdisk1 to hdisk2