Sunday, December 11, 2011

Print commands in AIX

switch.prt  -d    to Display current print subsytem (AIX, System V, BSD) 

switch.prt  -s AIX   to change current print subsytem to AIX 

switch.prt  -d systemV    to change current print subsytem to systemV

qprt -P  qname filename   To submit print jobs (AIX Printing)

qprt -P:lp1 filename   To submit a print job if multiple queue / printer is there 

qprt -N   No. of print copy required 

qchk -q                To display the default q

qchk -P lp0            To display the status of the printer lp0

qchk -# 123           To display the status of job number 123

qchk -A                To display the status of all queues (AIX Printing) 

qcan -x 123            To cancel the print job 123 (AIX Printing)

qcan -X -P lp0            To cancel all jobs submitted to lp0 
(AIX Printing)

qchk -L  to show job priorities 

qpri -#570 -a 25            To change the priority of the job to 25

qhld -# 569            To hold the  job 569

qhld -r -#569            To remove holding job 569 (release)

qmov -m pq1 -#11        To move the job 11 to queue pq1

enable psq            To enable queue psq

disable psq            To disable queue psq

lp -d qname filename  To submit printjob (System V printing)

lp -n   No. of print copy required 

lpstat                 To display the status all queues (System V printing) 

lpstat -p lp0            To display the status of print queue lp0

lpstat -u root            To display the jobs submitted by user root

cancel -#111            To cancel job 111
 (System V printing)

lpq -P lp0            To display the status of queue lp0  ( BSD Printing )