Sunday, December 11, 2011

NIM related Commands in AIX

lsnim     To list the nim resources

lsnim -l  dcmds     To list the detailed info about the object dcmds

lsnim -O dcmds     To list the operation dcmds object can support

lsnim -c resources dcmds   To list the resources allocated to the machine dcmds

nimclient    The client version of nim command (User can obtain same results of nim in server ) 

nimconfig -a pif_name=en0 -a netname=net1    To initialise the NIM master with network name net1

nimconfig -r    To rebuild /etc/niminfo file which contains the variables for NIM

nim -o define  -t  lpp_source  -a  source=/dev/cd0  -a  server=master  -a  location=/export/lpp_source/lpp_source1   lpp_source1   
  To define  lpp_source1 image in /export/lpp_source/lpp_source directory from source cd0

nim -o define -t mksysb -a server=master  -a location=/resources/mksysb.image mksysb1    To define mksysb resource mksysb1, from source /resources/mksysb.image on master 

nim -o remove inst_resource    To remove the resource inst_resource 

nim -o check lpp_source1   To check the status of  lpp_source lpp_source1

nim -o allocate -a spot=spot1 -a lpp_source=lpp_source1 node1   To allocate the resources spot1 and lpp_source1 to the client node1

nim -o bos_inst node1   To initialise NIM for the BOS installation on node1 with the allocated resources

nim  -o dkls_init dcmds  To initialize the machine dcmds as diskless operation 

nim -o dtls_init dcmds   To initialize the machine dcmds for dataless operation 

nim -o cust dcmds    To initialize the machine dcmds for customize operation 

nim -o diag dcmds    To initialize the machine dcmds for diag operation 

nim -o maint dcmds    To initialize the machine dcmds for maintenance operation 

nim -o define -t standalone -a platform=rspc -a if1="net1 dcmds xxxxx" -a cable_type1=bnc dcmds    To define the machine dcmds as standalone with platform as rspc and network as net1 with cable type bnc and mac address xxxxx 

nim -o unconfig master    To unconfigure nim master 

nim -o allocate -a spot=spot1 dcmds  To allocate the resource spot1 from machine dcmds 

nim -o deallocate -a spot=spot1 dcmds   To de allocate the resource spot1 from machine dcmds

nim -o remove dcmds   To remove machine dcmds after removing all resources associated to it

nim -o reboot dcmds   To reboot ther client dcmds

nim -o define -t lpp_source -a location=/software/lpp1 -a server=master -a source=/dev/cd0 lpp1    To define lppsource lpp1 on master at /software/lpp1 directory from source device /dev/cd0