Sunday, December 11, 2011

LV commands in AIX

lslv -l lv00              Display info about LV lv00 by PV

lslv -p hdisk1           Display LV allocation map for hdisk1

chlv -t copy lv00    To change the lv00 to copy type

chlv -p r lv00
         To change the lv00 to readonly mode

rmlv testlv            To remove testlv

rmlv -f testlv         To remove testlv forcefully (without confirmation)

mklv -s n -c 3 testlv hdisk1   To make LV testlv with three copies on hdisk1

extendlv testlv 5                      To extend the LV silv with 5 LPs

mklvcopy -s n testlv 2 hdisk1     To mirror LV testlv on same PV with 2 copies

mklvcopy testlv 3 hdisk1 hdisk2
  To mirror LV testlv on hdisk1 and hdisk2 with 3 copies

rmlvcopy testlv 2 hdisk1            To remove one copy of LV testlv from hdisk1

mklv -t jfslog -y log00 newvg 2  To create a jfslog with name log00 on VG newvg with 2LPs

mklv -t boot -y hd5  rootvg 1      To create logical volume, type as boot with 1 LP (BLV)

logform /dev/log00                 To format jfslog volume log00