Saturday, February 11, 2012

Editor VI SET useful preferences

Their HOME directory. vimrc file, create the following additional information is.

set tabstop=2  
set color evening 
set shiftwidth=2 
set expandtab 
set softtabstop = 2 "when converted to a space character tab spacing in units of two spaces shall be deleted
set visualbell "user error warning will flash on the screen once Taishan beep.
set nobackup "does not create a backup file
set cindent "C language uses the indentation style.
set autoindent 
set smartindent "more intelligent use indentation.
set enc = euc-kr 
set incsearch "Enter keywords to search for, use the search progresses. (using Firefox seuseo)
syntax on "syntax highlighting is used
filetype on "file, depending on the type of syntax highlighted.
set background=dark
set backspace=eol,start,indent
set history = 1000 "VI until 1000 to save the edited record.
set hlsearch "search highlighting is used.
set ignorecase "search, edit, or substitution is not case-sensitive.
set showmatch "() {} and parentheses but you can enter a match in the parentheses shows