Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things to learn

Advance administrative tasks on OS linux
  Linux Server, Installation and configuration of Apache, FTP, DNS, DHCP, SAMBA Server,       networking, RAID configuration on LINUX platforms
  Troubleshooting issues of linux Operating System.
  Snapshot based backup technology.
  Build and support complex linux systems of physical and virtual(XEN based).
  experience on another Open Source Hypervisor such as VBox, KVM with experience on P2V,  V2P, BMR
  Backup solutions Veritas / Arc serve / NTBackup. 

  large server cluster
  systems automation 
  Amazon EC2, SQS, S3
  tools like Puppet, MemCached, Varnish, TokyoCabinet, HAProxy, Nagios, Cacti, Ganglia, and MySQL 
  C and Kernel programming, multithreading and synchronization
  Linux kernel, driver development and troubleshooting
  OS concepts, multiprocessing, File Systems, Virtual Memory
  processor architecture, SMP systems, memory hierarchy
  high availability database driven environments.
  Apache HA, High Availability, SAN, DRBD, Load balancing, TCP/IP, database driven environment
  Load Balancing, DRBD, Apache HA,  IP tables,  Web application 
  VMWare ESX / vSphere
  RedHat Cluster
  Sun Cluster
  EMC and Hitachi SAN storage and zoning
  Fault Tolerant networking, High Availability
  VMware : Clustering, High Availablity, Dynamic Resource Scheduling
           Storage distribution
           Switches, physical networking
           VMWare Certified Professional
           FibreChannel storage

  Loadbalancers, Packet Filtering, IPFilter, Security, Penetration testing, Break/Fix   
  install, tune, troubleshoot, apply patches and support Web servers and integrate third party applications Responsible for uptime of the Web severs and improving performance 

  knowledge in conducting VAPT and providing solutions
  knowledge of source control management.
  Knowledge in ethical hacking and information security management systems
  implementation and maintenance of web analytics
  Apache, Tomcat and IIS web servers administration
  nmap, snmpwalk, nessus, dnswalk, libwhisker, strace
  HP Openview, Nagios, ZenOSS
  Automated Web Application Stress Testing
  Tomcat, and Bea Weblogic java application servers
  openldap, slurpd to syncrepl migration, ldapsearch

  Advanced usage of sniffers for network troubleshooing and optimization
  tcpdump, ethereal, and ngrep all covered indepth 
  Linux and Unix proactive system hardening
  tcpdump, ntop, ethereal / wireshark
  Apache Web Server, Bind DNS,

  Vulnerability scanning and network penetration testing of customer facing applications
  Customized and branded Perl open source web metrics reporting software for intranet usage statistics