Monday, September 26, 2011

What is Facebook Freezer: How it used to hack Facebook Account

Hacking term which seems to be very tough word but in reality it is neither a tough job nor an easy one. Not a tough job if you have the right software but even though you have the good applications to perform several tricks you need to have quite careful this is why I have said it nor an easy one. Now tell me what is the most loved social networking site… I know without any argument it is Facebook, this is why it is said to be the most prone area over the web, to get any hacker attention.
Being so popular there are so many tools and tricks developed claiming that they can hack any Facebook account, today we will discuss one such tool called Facebook Freezer, which prevents victim from logging to his account even when he enters his right login credentials.
What is Facebook Freezer; How it Works: As we all know Facbook suspends any account for a while if it detects that wrong login-id and password entered several times, that’s is the trick Facebook Freezer implements. It selects random login id and password combination to login to victim account. Due to wrong login attempts, Facebook temporarily bans the victim from logging in to his account.  But even if Facebook detects that unauthorized activity still on the way Facebook bans victim from logging in to his account as long as Freezer is running. Thus, in-spite of correct login id and password, victim is unable to login to his Facebook account. Thus, we are able to hack Facebook account using Facebook Freezer.
How to use Facebook Freezer:
Well, its very easy to use Facebook freezer to hack Facebook account.
1. Free Download Facebook Freezer to hack Facebook account.
2. Unzip the file and run Facebook freezer.exe file (works perfectly on Windows XP and Windows Vista) on your computer.
3. You will see something like this

4. Now, enter the login id of the victim whose you wanna hack facebook account and hit on “Freeze”. Facebook Freezer will start its work and within few minutes, victim’s Facebook account will be freezed.
Note: For Facebook Freezer to freeze account, victim must logout from his Facebook account. So, use Facebook Freezer whenever you find victim not online on Facebook.
I hope this you can now hack Facebook account using this Facebook Freezer. Facebook Freezer is one of the simplest ways used to hack Facebook account. If you have any problem in using this Facebook freezer to hack Facebook account, please mention it in comments.
Enjoy Facebook Freezer to hack Facebook account…