Monday, September 26, 2011

Software Collection to Password Decrypters: Crack Passwords from any file

Have you ever came across any application zipped which you want badly but the sad situation is that it is password protected and in no way you can able to crack it. Then in  such a situation most of us favor to just left out that version and start searching for any alternative application. But do you know there are still some application which can recover passwords from such files easily and are easily accessible via Rapidshare. Few days back I have came across a bundle of such tools called password decrypters… have a look at them.
The list includes:
-Access Driver
-Cain and Abel 4.2
-FileZilla PWDump 0.1
-John The Ripper 1.7.1 Win
-KMd5 1.03b
-MD5 (Linux)
-MD5 Backup (Linux)
-MD5 Toolbox 1.0
-MD5brute 1.0
-Passware 5.0 + Serial
-POP3 BruteForcer
-Sam Decrypt
-VNCrack (Linux) 1.21
-VNCrack (Win32) 1.21
These are some of the widely used tool from very past and are most described so if you are also interested to have them in your application arsenal then go through the link below to download the total collection.
Download here