Thursday, September 1, 2011

Restore data from amanda backup server

Continution to my post install and configure amanda backup server i am posting step by step process of
recovering data from the backup server.

Our Current Scenario is : 

1. My daily backup profile is DailySet1

2. The data backup is in /data/amanda/vtape/DailySet1 on amanda server.

3. We will recover data on client system to /tmp/amanda  directory

Do this on Amanda Client System

Switch user to root

# sudo su
 Then as a root user do amrecover

# amrecover DailySet1
 then use  listdisk command to see the list of  backups

# listdisk 

  it shows the client names and the directories we are taking backup on that client
Then use setdisk command to set the directory which we want to recover data from

# setdisk /data/backup

then add the files you want to recover for example if you want to recover file1

# add file1

In my case i have give only one file to take backup so i will use '*' to  recover all files in that

# add *

Then finally use extract command to recover all files.

The output of all these commands can be seen here :

After giving extract command it will gives the list of data extracting location , tapes needed and the location of backup directory and it will ask for confirmation

Continue [ ?/Y/n/s/d]?

i am showing the rest of the flow in screen shots have a look at them 

we can see from the above screenshot that amanda-backup-client debian package has been recovered .
we can see that file below in the temp directory.