Friday, September 2, 2011

How a DNS works - Simple Example

  • A User opens a web browser and tries to connect The operating system not knowing the IP Address for, asks the ISP's DNS Server for this information.
  • The ISP's DNS Server does not know this information, so it connects to a Root Server to find out what name server, running somewhere in the world, to know the information about
  • The Root Server tells the ISP's DNS Server to contact a particular name server that knows the information about
  • The ISP's DNS Server connects to Google's DNS server and asks for the IP Address for
  • Google's DNS Server responds to the ISP's DNS server with the appropriate IP Address.
  • The ISP's DNS Server tells the User's operating system the IP Address for
  • The operating system tells the Web Browser the IP Address for
  • The web browser connects and starts communication
Graphical Representation