Friday, September 2, 2011

Apache Error - No space left on device: Couldn't create accept lock or Cannot create SSLMutex

Some times you people may face this following error in your Apache Server. The error is as follows while trying to restart.after a configuration changes or something like that

[emerg] (28)No space left on device: Couldn't create accept lock
[crit] (28)No space left on device: mod_rewrite: could not create rewrite_log_lock Configuration Failed
[Wed Dec 07 00:00:09 2005] [error] (28)No space left on device: Cannot create SSLMutex

This is happened due to someking of memory leaking. Normally people do the following to fix this.

1.Checking the harddisk space usage
2.To explicetely different Lockfiles using the LockFile-directive
3.non-default AcceptMutex (flock) which then solved the acceptlock-issue and ended in the rewrite_log_lock-issue.

The fourth option will only work,because this is due to the following reason
There were myriads of semaphore-arrays left, owned by my apache-user. Removing this semaphores immediately solved the problem
Do the following as ROOT

[] ipcs -s | grep apache | perl -e 'while () { @a=split(/\s+/); print `ipcrm sem $a[1]`}' -- (If You Love Perl)

[] ipcs -s | grep apache | awk ' { print $2 } ' | xargs ipcrm sem (If you Love Sh)

Have a great Day with Apache !!!