Sunday, August 14, 2011

Special Characters with uses

Ctl-A       Moves cursor to beginning of line of text (on the command-line).
Ctl-B       Backspace (nondestructive).
Ctl-C       Break. Terminate a foreground job.
Ctl-D       Log out from a shell (similar to exit).
Ctl-E       Moves cursor to end of line of text (on the command-line).
Ctl-F       Moves cursor forward one character position (on the command-line).
Ctl-G       BEL. On some old-time teletype terminals, this would actually ring a bell.In an xterm it might beep.
Ctl-H       Rubout (destructive backspace). Erases characters the cursor backs over while  backspacing.
Ctl-I        Horizontal tab.
Ctl-J        Newline (line feed). In a script, may also be expressed in octal notation -- '\012' or in   hexadecimal -- '\x0a'.
Ctl-K       Vertical tab.  When typing text on the console or in an xterm window, Ctl-K erases  from the character under the cursor to end of line. Within a script, Ctl-K may behave  differently, as in Lee Lee Maschmeyer's example, below
Ctl-L       Formfeed (clear the terminal screen). In a terminal, this has the same effect as the  clear  command. When sent to a printer, a Ctl-L causes an advance to end of the paper sheet.
Ctl-N       Erases a line of text recalled from history buffer [20] (on the command-line).
Ctl-O       Issues a newline (on the command-line).
Ctl-P       Recalls last command from history buffer (on the command-line).
Ctl-Q       Resume (XON). This resumes stdin in a terminal.
Ctl-R       Backwards search for text in history buffer (on the command-line).
Ctl-S       Suspend (XOFF). This freezes stdin in a terminal. (Use Ctl-Q to restore input.)
Ctl-T       Reverses the position of the character the cursor is on with the previous character  (on the      command-line).
Ctl-U       Erase a line of input, from the cursor backward to beginning of line. In some settings, Ctl-U     erases the entire line of input, regardless of cursor position.
Ctl-X       In certain word processing programs, Cuts highlighted text and copies to clipboard.
Ctl-Y       Pastes back text previously erased (with Ctl-U or Ctl-W).
Ctl-Z       Pauses a foreground job.