Friday, August 19, 2011

Linux Network Installation

As we know we can install linux from network, the steps for network installation are very simple. One need to specify 'linux askmethod' at installation prompt. By keeping installation tree on NFS, HTTP or FTP server on can install linux on network client computers.

But booting into linux require linux bootable dvd or cd. By PXE network installation there is no need to keep linux bootable cd or dvd. System get bootable through network card pxe boot loader.

For PXE Network installation, one need to create following setup

Configure the network (NFS, FTP, HTTP) server to export the installation tree.

Configure the files on the tftp server necessary for PXE booting.

Configure which hosts are allowed to boot from the PXE configuration.

Start the tftp service.

Configure DHCP.

After given steps boot the client, and start the installation

PXE Boot Configuration

system-config-netboot , command present graphical screen to setup PXE boot configuration.

Command that can be used on text terminal is pxeos

By setting up DHCP and installtion tree on NFS,FTP or HTTP one can install linux using PXE.

Following link can be used to get exact steps