Friday, August 19, 2011

Linux as QOS Machine

The tc command allows administrators to build different QoS policies in their networks using Linux instead of very expensive dedicated QoS machines. Using Linux, you can implement QoS in all the ways any dedicated QoS machine can and even more. Also, one can make a bridge using a good PC running Linux that can be transformed into a very powerful and very cheap dedicated QoS machine.

Queueing determine the way data sent, controlling data upload and download by setting certain criteria is possible in linux. Although UDP doesn't have flow control feature by TCP has.

Queueing discipline can be categorized as Classless and Classfull.

Classless discipline are simplest can be used to delay, reschedule, drop and accept the data. These discipline can shape an interface. There are serveral qdisc implementation in linux such as FIFO(pfifo and bfifo),pfifo_fast,tbf,sfq and esfq. By Default pfifo_fast work in linux.