Monday, August 29, 2011

How to mount an ISO file as a filesystem in AIX

In AIX you "dd" the ISO file into a raw LV, then mount the LV as a filesystem.

Here are the steps for copying the ISO named "image.iso" into "/cd1iso", a JFS filesystem:

1. Create a filesystem with size slightly bigger than the size of the ISO image. Do NOT mount the filesystem:
# /usr/sbin/crfs -v jfs -g rootvg -a size=800M -m/cd1iso -Ano -pro -tno -a frag=4096 -a nbpi=4096 -a ag=8

2. Get the logical volume name associated with the new filesystem:
# lsfs | grep cd1iso (assume it is /dev/lv00)

3. dd the ISO image into rlv00 (raw lv00):
# dd if=image.iso of=/dev/rlv00 bs=10M

4. Alter /cd1iso stanza in /etc/filesystems => vfs=cdrfs and options=ro (read-only)

            dev            = /dev/cd1_lv
            vfs             = cdrfs
            log             = /dev/loglv00
            mount           = false
            options         = ro
            account         = false

5. Mount the file system :
# mount /cd1iso

6. When finished, remove the filesystem:
# rmfs /cd1iso


/usr/sbin/crfs -v jfs -g rootvg -a size=800M ...