Monday, August 29, 2011

Enable load balance for MPIO devices in AIX and monitor the usage of load balance / Check which paths are available or missing

To configure the load balance of MPIO devices in AIX:

chdev -l hdisk1 -areserve_policy=no_reserve -a algorithm=round_robin
Note: To run the above command, disk should be detached from the VG.

To check the modified parameters:
lsattr -El hdisk1

Monitoring I/O traffic of Load balance:

iostat -a |grep fcs

run nmon and use the "a" option to show the adapter IO.. if its load balanced, then both adapters should show as being about the same amount of busy..if its failover, one adapter will be busy, the other will be doing nothing.

To check which paths are available / missing with AIX MPIO:

lspath -l hdisk1 -s available -F"connection:parent:path_status:status"

lspath -l hdisk1 -F"connection:parent:path_status:status"