Monday, August 22, 2011

Anna Hazare says !!!!!!!!!

Anna Hazare says bring back the Black Money.Do u know what will happen if11,456 Lac Crores comes back.

1. India Financialy No.1

2. Each district will get 60000 crores.1 & 1 village will get 100 Crores

3. No need to pay taxes for next 20 yrs.

4. Petrol 25 Rs, Diesel 15 Rs.

5. No need to pay electricity bill.

6. Indian borders will become more stronger than the China Wall.

7. 1500 Oxford like Universitis can be opened.

8. 28,000 kms Rubber road (like in Paris) can be made.

9. 2,000 hospitals (with all facilities) all medicine Free.

10. 95 crore people will have their own house.

Support Anna Hazare by forwarding this message to atleast 10 Indians. I did my job.