Tuesday, July 12, 2011

configure / make / make install's role

Install the software will be used in linux, such as configure / make / make install commands, which are typical to use the GNU AUTOCONF AUTOMAKE generated program and the installation steps.
. / Configure your installation is used to detect the target platform characteristics. For example, it will detect you are not a CC or GCC, is not required CC or GCC, it is a shell script.
make is used to compile, it reads the instructions from the Makefile, then compile.
make install is used to install, it also reads the instructions from the Makefile to install to the specified location.
And AUTOCONF AUTOMAKE is very useful thing to publish a C program. If you write a program and want to use AUTOMAKE AUTOCONF, can refer to CNGNU.ORG on related articles.
1, configure, this step is generally used to generate the Makefile, to prepare for the next build, you can be added after the configure parameters to control the installation, such as the
code:. / configure-prefix = / usr
The above means that the software is installed in / usr below, the executable file is installed in / usr / bin (instead of the default / usr / local / bin), resource files will be installed in / usr / share (instead of the default The / usr / local / share). Meanwhile, some software configuration file you can specify-sys-config = parameter set. Some software can also add-with,-enable,-without,-disable, etc. parameters to control the compiler, you can allow. / Configure-help look at the detailed instructions to help.
2, make, this step is to compile most of the source code package have been compiled this step (of course, some software written in perl or python need to call perl or python to compile). If you make the process appear in the error, you have to write down the error code (note not just the last line), then you can ask the developer to submit bugreport (usually there are presented in the INSTALL address), or some of your system less dependent on libraries, etc., which require careful study of their own error code.
3, make insatll, this command to install it (of course, some software need to run make check or make test to make some tests), this step usually requires you to have root privileges (because to the system write to a file).