Tuesday, July 12, 2011

apache's mod_proxy reverse proxy

In a machine (ran apache) for a domain name (such as www.selboo.com.cn) to do a reverse proxy 
with apache mod_proxy just know this stuff 
then looked at the document 
and wrote the following profile:

ServerName www.selboo.com.cn
ProxyPass / http://www.selboo.com.cn/
ProxyPassReverse / http://www.selboo.com.cn/
CustomLog logs/access_abc_log combined

Order deny,allow
Allow from all

Then have to modify the system httpd.conf
Will be one of mod_proxy, mod_proxy_httpd enabled
Then again
Because www.selboo.com.cn real server in this domain with the server I have connected to the intranet (internal network ip:
So vim / etc / hosts
Write www.selboo.com.cn
Then restart apache