Sunday, June 12, 2011

Types of Processes in linux

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Types of Process in Linux xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Every application it may be system specific or application daemon specific. It have to started as process
in background or foreground as designed.

Below are the few common process states:

Runnable: Process started and it's running and is in active queue in meantime it may in waiting for CPU resource.

Stopped: Process started and stopped in between but is not fully killed and can run if started again.

Sleeping/Waiting:  Process started and at meantime there are to many request to CPU from some other process or it's is waiting for another process to complete.

Zombie: Process started and started another child process and then parent process gone/died, in such condition that child process doesn't know how to end, so it's hang around but living, such process is known as zombie process.