Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Install Joomla how to

It seems that a lot of new Joomla users want to know how to install Joomla. It’s obviously very easy and when I started writing tutorials for Jooma I skiped that step. Of, course that must be the first tutorial but…
I will start as you are used to with a step-by-step tutorial. Before we proceed you need Joomla package. The Joomla package can be found on Joomla Forge and can be downloaded from here . It is better to download the latest version because it has the latest bug fixes and new patches. You will find at the bottom of the Forge page the latest full package. Start download it and let’s prepare to install.
You must decide where to install Joomla on your domain. The following paths can be used: or . You you don’t have anything on your domain I will suggest to install on You can also change to or anything you want.
After you downloaded the package you must decompress it to your hard drive before upload. Decompress and open your FTP client. Login with your Ftp client to your site and upload all your files in the desired directory.
Until all the files upload let’s prepare our database. Login to your cpanel and go to “MySQL databases”. Serach for the button “add db” and type in the form the name of the new database (ex: joomladatabase). Press “add db” button. The new database is created. Now, let’s add a user to that database. Look for “Add User” button. Type your uservame and a password and press “add User”. (don’t forget the password). The next step is to add the user to our database. Below databases are 2 dropdown spots where you see a user and a database. Select yournew user and database. Below select the desired privileges and press “Adduser to DB”.
Image Image
Wow, finished with our database! You can close now the Cpanel because we don’t need it at this point.
or you can use with phpmyadmin or using command line
mysql -u root -p
password: (your password)
create database joomla; <———– use your databasename
If the upload is over we can start installing Joomla. Open your browser and type in the adressbar or The browser will load the first page in our installation process. It shoul look like the image below.
If something goes wrong and you don’t see the images above type in your browser I still the page is stange you must verify if:
  • you uploaded all your files
  • you uploaded your files on another directory of your site
  • you have Apache / SQL / PHP server
Our screen have 3 sections: The first checks that your system is able to run Joomla, the second part are some PHP settings and the thrid part checks several file and directory permissions. All parts must be exacly like our image. If the first 2 are not the same ask your web hosting provider about them and maybe they will make corrections. The 3rd part must be modiied by you. This can be done with your ftp client. You must give the directory permisions (CHMOD) so the files to be writeable.
If everything is ok click “Next” button.
The next screen is Joomla Licence and “Terms and Conditions”. read it and if you agree click the checkbox “I Accept the GPL License” and click “next” button on the top-right.
Next page is the “STEP 1″ in our configuration. We have to fill our database configuration. Your hostname is usually “localhost”. We created before the database, username and password. Now, all you have to do is to fill the spaces with the name of the database, username and password. The MySQL Table prefix can be left “jos_” . If is your first installation click the checkbox “Install Sample data”. Click “Next”. A pop-up window will appear to ask you if all info are correct. Verify again and click “Ok”.
Next page is very simple. Type your Site Name and click “Next”. You can Modify you Site name if you want later in the administration area.
In “STEP 3″ you will confirm your URL, path, email and password. The URL and path are usually right and you don’t need to make modifications. The e-mail and password is your “Super Administrator” e-mail and password. Type your e-mail and a password. Remember the password because you won’t be able to login in the Administrator Section i you forgot it. Your username is by default “admin”. You can change your username, password and e-mail later in the “Administration Section”. If all done press “Next”.
Last Step! You see in this screen your username and password. Also Joomla remember you to delete the “Installation” directory. (Use ftp client for that). Also, you have the configuration file typed. Select all and copy. With your ftp client edit “configuration.php” and type (better “paste”) what is written in this last Step.
That’s all! You can press “View Site” to view your new Joomla Site, or “Administration” to enter in the “Administration Area”.