Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YUM Configuration

1. The ability to centralize packages (updates)

Installation & Setup:
1. Install 'createrepo*rpm'
2. Setup directory structure
a. /srv/www/Linuxtutorial.com/RH5/yum

3. Run 'createrepo /srv/www/Linuxtutorial.com/RH5/yum'

4. Publish the yum repository using HTTP

5. Configure yum client to use HTTP to fetch the RPMs
a. /etc/yum.conf
a1. ###Included as our first repository on the SUSE box###

Note: Ensure that about 3GBs are available for the yum respository

tar -cjvf yum_metadata.bz2 repodata

Yum Usage:
1. Search for packages
a. 'yum search gftp'

2. Install packages - Requires RedHat GPG Key for RPMs
rpm --import
a. 'yum -y install gftp'
b. 'yum -y install gftp dhcp' installs 2 packages

3. Remove Package
a. 'yum -y remove gftp'