Tuesday, May 17, 2011


VI Commands:
i                   insert mode, (ESC to exit insert mode) allows text to be entered on the screen
a                  Append to right mode
/word       Move to the occurrence of “word”
n                 Locate the next occurance
w                Advance to the next word
e                Advance to the next end of a word
b                Move to the previous word
3b        Move backward 3 words
dd        delete line
3dd        delete 3 lines
D        Delete remainder of a line
dw        Delete word
x        Delete character
o        Open space for new line below the cursor line
O        Open a line above the cursor
CTRL-w        Move back a word in append mode
u        Undo last
U        Undo all changes to current line
.        In command mode, repeat the last text changing the command on the current line
:w newfilename        save the file to newfilename from the command mode
:wq        save and quit
:q!        quit without saving
r        replace then typa a character ot be replaced with r then return to break up a line
J        join 2 lines
s        substitute (sentence) typed text over a character, ESC when done
cw        change word
c        change part of a line from the cursor to the end of the line
cc        substitute new text for aline, ESC when done
h        move the cursor back one space
H        move the cursor to the highest line on the screen
L        move the cursor to the lowest line on the screen
M        position the cursor at the midpoint on the screen
G        last line in the file
0 (zero)        Move the cursor to the beginning of the line it is on
view filename        Open a file for viewing only
set number        Turn on line numbers
set nonumber        Turn off line numbers
autoindent (ai)        ctrl-d to move to the left
showmatch        match brackets and parenthesis
wrapmargine(wm)         when line is wrapped (80-value)
:2 copy 4        Place a copy of line 2 after line 4.
:1,4         copy 7 (lines 1-4)
:n        Access the next file for editing