Tuesday, May 17, 2011

File System Hierarchy of LINUX

Logical File System is the type which LINUX follows for organisation of files of different category.
Root (/) is the starting point  of Linux. And now Root divided the structure into different folders as given under:
Bin – Binary-Got general purpose commands
Sbin – Super User Binary- All Administrative commands
Home – Home directory of Users created
Root – Administrator Home directory
Etc – All configuration files are here under
Var – All the data which is changing  in OS
Temp – All the working process are stored here
Dev – All the devices information stored
Mnt – The mount points of removable devices
initrd – Initial Ramdisk image, booting of the OS starts frm here
Proc – All the active process information
Opt – Optional
Usr – Unix System resource,contains the bulk of installation and system files
Boot – Contains image of kernel and booting files
Lib – Library files stored here
Misc – Miscellaneous
Media – for mounting cdroms,removable drive