Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Basic file compression utilities

Basic file compression utilities: (and file extensions)
· gzip (.gz): Also see zcat, gunzip, gznew, gzmore
compress: gzip file-name
decompress: gzip -d file-name.gz
· bzip2 (.bz2): Also see: bunzip2, bzcat, bzip2recover
compress: bzip2 file-name
decompress: bunzip2 file-name.bz2
· compress (.Z): (Adaptive Lempel-Ziv compression) Also see:
uncompress, zcat
compress: compress file-name
decompress: uncompress file-name.Z
(Provided by the RPM package ncompress)
· pack (.z): Also see: unpack
compress: pack file-name
decompress: unpack file-name.z
· zip (.zip): Compress files or groups of files. (R.P.Byrne
compression) Compatable with PC PKZIP files. Also see: unzip
compress: zip file-name
decompress: unzip file-name.zip