Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Access Control List

ACL’s are the Access Control Lists.
Basic file permissions can be applied only on the single Owner,Owner’s  primary group and others.
ACL are created to configure different permissions for multiple users or groups.
ACL’s can be implemented only on ACL enabled partitions.
Steps to apply ACL:
1.create new partition.
2.Format the partition.
3.Creat an empty directory
4.Mont the partition on the directory with acl enabled.
5.Assign the permission 777 on the mount point.
6.Set the ACL permissions.
Configuration of ACL:
#mount -o acl
To apply or modify , append ACL permissions:
#setfacl -m (u:user name:rwx,g:group name:rwx,o:rwx)
To get the list of ACL permissions:
To exclude/remove ACL permissions:
#setfacl -x {u:username g:groupname o:others}