Sunday, August 15, 2010

Questions With Answers

1. What is the command to see if any particular process is running in UNIX?

ps -ef | grep

2. How do you see the version details on a Linux machine?

1. uname -a - This will give you kernel and other details
2. cat /etc/redhat-release - This will give you the OS Version release  details 

3. Where are the configuration files stored in linux file system, which


4. Which file stores the password details of Users in linux?

 /etc/shadow  -- Optional

5. What is the Command used to see the access permissions for a directory?

ls -ld

6. Command to change permissions of a file allowing all execute permissions?

chmod u+x,g+x,o+x


chmod 555  

7. What is the command used to see the environment variables on UNIX?


Basic Networking questions

1. How do the open/used ports on your system?

Try /etc/services* file