Monday, August 23, 2010

Increase Internet Speed XP by 20%

We knew that Windows XP Professional has limited the net on 20%?
That is, you have access to only 80% of its net, making it much slower loading web pages, etc .. including Downloads….
This tutorial will show you step by step ways to increase your internet to 100%, You will feel the Real Difference after the changes…
Follow these steps to make your net 100% ‘
1. start menu …. (Run)
2. In run type … gpedit.msc
Will open the Group Policy!
3 Open the folder “Models administrator”
4 Open the folder “Network”
5 Open the folder “Packet Scheduler” QoS
6 Click two times on “Limit reservable bandwidth”
A window will open with three options!
? Not Configured.
? On.
? Off
Check “Enabled”.
And where shown 20%, and erase it and make it “0″.
Click “Apply” and then “Ok”
Now your ready to use 100% of your Internet….