Monday, August 23, 2010

Free Internet using Sim

Sim hack: works on idea and airtel (havent tested in other sim’s)
First Lets Start with the requirments:
1. You Need a sim with minimum of 0.20 credit in it or even with no credit,but make sure the gprs signal is visible.
2. You need a phone that can be used as a modem to connect your computer to the internet. Such as Nokia phones with Nokia PC suite software or Motorola Phones with M Phone tools software.
3. You Need a Computer or Laptop
4. You need to register on 
your freedom and get your username and password to use the software.
(your registered username and details of registeration will be sent to the email u used in registering,it might take a while for ur account to be authenticate
5. Download Your Freedom from here: (use the latest version)
1. Dowload and Install Your-Freedom and enter these settings.
Let me just explain everything step by step. Open Your-Freedom
-Click on the status tab. Then clicked on configure.
- On the server connection tab.Use these settings:
Connection Mode: UDP
now on the option below it
check boxes Numbers 3,5,6,7,8
Next Click on Account Information and enter the username and password you recieved when you registered
Next Click on Proxy Settings Tab and enter these settings.
Proxy Address:
Proxy Port:53
Proxy Username: “leave this blank”
Proxy Password: “leave this blank”
Proxy Domain: “leave this blank”
Proxy Type: HTTP/HTTPS
Proxy Authentication: Any or none
User Agent: “leave this blank”
FTP Proxy Server:
Proxy Address “leave this blank”
Proxy Port: “leave this blank”
Now click on Save and Exit.
Now on the Your-Freedom Menu. Click on ports and tick OPEN VPN, SOCKS 4/5, and WEB PROXY,
Click on messages
Check Auto scroll
minimum level – DEBUG
CLICK ON APPLICATION,tick the browsers and instant messanges you will use and then click ok
Now download Firefox or any other browser. its better to download firefox :) and just follow the below configuration
open firefox goto – tools – options -Advanced – Network – settings – clik on Manual Proxy configuration. Then for http,ssl,ftp,gopher enter as localhost posrt:8080 for socks host localhost port: 1080. in No proxy for: localhost,
click ok…
now make a default connection using ur PC suite and check wether the gprs signal is present in the mobile.. make a new connection and open your freedom now, click start connection and Njoy free internet… Happy hacking.. still u have any doubts leave a comment i will clarify :)
Dont forget to say a thx :D