Friday, July 23, 2010

Sample Model Question

Two Parts:-
Trouble Shooting and Maintenance – morning session – duration 2.5 hrs
RHCT and RHCE both combined – afternoon session - duration 3 hrs.
Trouble Shooting and Maintenance :- (Two Phases)
=>Phase One – 8 questions
=>Phase Two – 2 questions
Phase One:-
Login Problem –
Username: root
Password: redhat
The candidate should able to login with username and password as given above(COMPULSORY)
Your system should able to ping with the given IP (server)
NFS. showmount command should show the exported directory.
LVM (resizing the logical volume)
Quota (user limit given)
Creating and mounting a new partition (COMPULSORY)
DIG should execute properly, giving you the answer, authority and query section of a given IP (server).
Changing the run level to 5. User should able to login in GUI mode.
The Compulsory Questions should be completed in one hour of maximum. Failing to do this will disqualify the candidate from continuing the exam.
The candidate should report to the examiner as soon as he feels he had completed.
Examiner will give the confirmation that he had completed the compulsory question successfully. He can continue with the remaining questions.
Phase Two :-
The candidate can report to the examiner after completing the phase one questions. However he can not get the confirmation for the successful completion of remaining (except Compulsory) questions. The examiner will give you a CD which will put your system onto a small installation after typing phase two in the installation screen.
After the installation the candidate will be in grub screen asking for OS. When you enter into the OS, Kernel Panic error will occur. The following problems are the components of Phase Two.
Boot Problem (Arguments May be edited in /boot/grub/grub.conf).
fstab Problem ( /etc/fstab file may be edited).
After completing the Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Session the candidate can go for a break.
Note: one can not go back to Phase One after entering Phase Two.
Only for the Compulsory questions one can get confirmation.
Failing to score 80% will result in losing the certification, but one can go thro’ the other sections of the exam.
Enrolling your name and email id in the given address.
Installation of any rpm.
Installation of EL3 with given partion specification along with raid .
Group Administration.
Kernel Updation.
Network Printer Configuration.
IP Forwarding.
Crontab Execution
NIS (The candidate should bind his machine to server and should able to see the available users in the server)
Autofs (The candidate should able to login with specified username From Server)
Denying the SSH Service to specified machines.
Denying the FTP Service to specified machines.
Configuring the POP3 sever and also denying this service from other machines
Setting the given user to receive all mails which are directed to a group.
Configuring Mail Server.
Configuring Samba.
NFS (The candidate should export successfully the specified file/directory to the specified network )
Configuring Apache.
The above 8 question is enough for the candidate to achieve the RHCE Certification, if completed successfully. However the following Extra 3 questions will also be a choice for him to score more. Only the best two will be taken into consideration from the following.
Squid (Candidate should configure his machine as Squid Proxy and should share the internet only to the specified network )
Mail Certification.
Extending your Web Server to have another Website.
Througout the exam, the questions will be based on two networks one in ‘0’ network that is candidate’s home network and other is ‘1’ network that is Cracker’s network . Both the networks will have Servers. ( Ex: ,