Wednesday, July 28, 2010



"central ntp server", ie, main machine that sync to outside time server 
of (startus 1 or 2), and in turn act like main time server for local office.
At TiLeg, this was blazer,
cp /etc/inet/ntp.server /etc/inet/ntp.conf
server prefer
fudge 1 stratum 4
broadcast ttl 4           # port 123
# is in Salinas, CA, USA.
# there are other public clock server.
Then, on each subnete, wants to have a broadcast server that send out
NTP info, so any clients on that network can listen to it and sync its clock.
server prefer  # blazer, which is "master NTP server"
broadcast ttl 4           # port 123

Solaris client config

On each client, setup to listen to NTP.
cp /etc/inet/ntp.client /etc/inet/ntp.conf
Really just need one line in it, indicating it listen to broadcast NTP packets:
Alternatively, it can listen to a specific server via:
server prefer

Linux, as client

cp -pa /etc/rc3.d/K74ntpd /etc/rc3.d/S74ntpd
cp -pa /etc/rc5.d/K74ntpd /etc/rc5.d/S74ntpd
/etc/rc3.d/S74ntpd start
There is already a file /etc/ntp.conf with lot of comments, need to update it
A simple client config that listen to broadcast clock:
/etc/ntp.conf ::
A client that listen to specific server:
A more involved linux config (details TBA):
server     # local clock
fudge stratum 10
driftfile /var/lib/ntp/drift
broadcastdelay  0.008
authenticate yes
keys            /etc/ntp/keys  # need to actually setup own key


AIX, as client that listen to broadcast clock:
/etc/ntp.conf ::
driftfile /etc/ntp.drift
tracefile /etc/ntp.trace
startsrc -s xntpd
init script to uncomment /etc/rc.tcpip


driftfile /var/ntp/ntp.drift
statsdir  /var/ntp/ntpstats
/etc/rc.config.d/netdaemon, change:
export NTPDATE_SERVER=       #bigsur
export XNTPD=1    # def=0, so it won't start
export XNTPD_ARGS=
/sbin/rc2.d/S660xntpd start

NTP-like for windows

An article covering time sync optioins for windows:
Precompiled SNTP client for windows NT system, refered from above.
Install it as adminstrator, say yes to setup as service.
Do configuration, use (blazer) as server.
It request for 5 machines, but right now we don't have that many NTP server.
Could use the server in the various vlan, which really sync to blazer.