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Learn RHCE

Red hat Linux With

Suresh Kumar Pakalapati (RHCE)

The Redhat Certification Program is most mature and respected Training Program on Linux. The World’s Leading Linux Certification. The RHCE certificate is a validation of your competency, undeniable proof of your skills, the standard track consist of RH-033, RH-133 and RH-253. It’s the leading choice of the IT professionals and their employers.

RHCE:RedHat Certified Engineer
RH-033:Red Hat Linux Essentials:
Course Duration
Normal Track – 2 weeks
Fast Track – 3 Days
Designed for Beginners, and covers all skills to become a productive user, including installation and command line essentials more…
RH-133:Red Hat Linux System Administration:
Course Duration
Normal Track – 2 Weeks
Fast Track - 3 Days

In this module, you will start building skills in system administration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, to a level where you can attach and configure a workstation on an existing network with virtualization. more…

RH-253:Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration
Course Duration
Normal Track – 2 Weeks
Fast Track – 4 Days

In this module you will learn how to configure common Red Hat Enterprise Linux network services server-side setup, configuration, and basic administration. (DNS, NTP, NIS, Apache, SMB, DHCP, Send mail, FTP. Other common services: tftp, pppd,proxy more…

RHCSS:Red Hat Certified Security Specialist
RHS 333:Enterprise Network Services Security
Course Duration- 1 Week

RHCSS shares common ground with RHCA—both credentials require skills
and competencies taught in RHS333 and RH423. RHCSS additionally requires the skills covered in the RH429 course more…

RH-423: Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication
Course Duration- 1 Week

The Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication Endorsement Exam is a performance-based test of the skills covered in RH423 Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication. In order to enroll in this exam, you must have an RHCE on a current release at the time of the exam. Upon passing the exam, you will have earned an additional endorsement to your RHCE certification. This endorsement is one of the five required in order to earn the designation Red Hat Certified Architect. more…

RHS-429:Red Hat Enterprise SELinux Policy Administration
Course Duration- 1 Week

RHS429 introduces advanced system administrators,security administrators, and applications programmers to SELinux policy writing. Participants in this course will learn how SELinux works; how to manage SELinux; and how to write an SELinux policy. This class culiminates in a major project to scope out and then write policies for previously unprotected services. more…

RH 300:RHCE Rapid Track
Course Duration – 1 week

Designed for those who already possess significant systems administration experience and knowledge in a Linux/UNIX environment, and who desire the fastest path to RHCE certification. more…

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