Thursday, July 22, 2010

How a UTM Appliance Can Help Increase Your Network’s Security and Decrease Vulnerability

 If there is one thing that companies these days rely on, it is the information that they have on their databases and the information stored in the individual computers on the network that help their businesses run smoothly. If there is any attempt to access the data that is found on these computers and the breach of the security of the network, you may find yourself with a very big problem that can cost the company a huge amount of money and a host of other problems. This is where a UTM appliance is needed and will be very handy. The use of a UTM appliance to increase application security is a measure that companies these days often look into when they need their databases and their information protected.

What exactly is a UTM appliance and what can it do for your system and network? A UTM appliance is a combination of hardware and software that are made for the security of your network and your system and is installed to help keep your network of computers, the data in them, and the data in your server protected from outside forces that wish to get information from you that they can use to further their means or to simply bring you and your company down. A UTM is essentially a Unified Threat Management system that allows you to protect everything on the network from viruses, spyware, malware, and hackers that may want to get into your system. A UTM is also easily called application security since it protects the applications your computers use from prying eyes outside of your office.
When you use a UTM appliance and increase application security on your network, you will not only be able to protect your computers and your database from outside forces that are out to get information from you in order for them that they can use to make money from it or to inject malicious programs that will drive your system and your network haywire. You can also get the opportunity to control the content and the websites that your employees can access. This means that you can easily increase the security of your network and your system tenfold since you will be able to avoid websites and other web sources like emails and such that may bring malware, viruses, and spyware that can cause you and your business problems.
Not only does a UTM appliance and an increase in application security benefit you, it also benefits your employees since the restriction of the opening of certain sites on the computers connected to your network helps them focus on what needs to be done and not get distracted by other things on the web. This does not mean however that they cannot access certain safe sites and cannot connect with anyone outside of the network via email. They still can but with certain safeguards in place to help protect their computers and the network from problems that can come from the outside.