Thursday, July 22, 2010

Carry Operating system In your USB Drive

It was weekend, I went to my friend to discuss about the weekend planning. At that time he shown me project created by Microsoft it is "Microsoft Unleashes Natal Project (2009)". It was really good and new technology developed by MS. At that time I have pen drive and wants to copy some data from his PC to my pen-drive. He was using XP on a laptop provided by his organization, I actually scared about the virus Of course anti-virus software is there not to worry. but still now a days many home computers are mostly inflected so cant copy or attached any usb drive on the machine so what could be the option for.... Yes there is I am using Linux base slax Operating system from couple of months, it has many features like you do not need to install video audio software into OS. It already has freeware office,players required functions installed already. So boot your machine from pen drive and carry data without having any risk of virus.

I am using slax for it............

Here is list for all Open-source USB based Os

* BackTrack: A distribution of linux that is made with security in mind and is commonly used for cracking WEP passcodes and has live installs including USB and CD.
* BeleniX: Customized OpenSolaris installs including live CD and live USB.[4]
* Billix: A multiboot distribution and system administration toolkit with the ability to install any of the included distributions.
* Damn Small Linux: Knoppix derived small installation, uses a 2.4 kernel, with JWM as default user interface.
* Debian
* Devil-Linux: for service installations e.g. firewall/router, no graphical interface, can boot from CD or USB.
* dyne:bolic: 100% free distribution for multimedia production, boots from CD and USB stick, with Xfce as default user interface.
* FaunOS: a live USB distribution based on Arch Linux
* Fedora (with Fedora Live USB creator)
* Gentoo Gentoo USB Live.
* Knoppix: Full live CD/USB based on Debian distro.
* Knopperdisk: A small distribution based on Gentoo but designed to be run from USB pen drives or floppy disks.
* MCNLive: Mandriva derived live CD, and live USB distribution.
* MilaX: Small OpenSolaris live CD and live USB distribution.
* Minix
* MooLux: Live-USB Linux based on linux Slackware that can be installed to hard drive with focus on Internet applications, multimedia and programming tools.
* NimbleX: A small (200mb) distribution based on Slackware.
* OpenSolaris: The Distribution Constructor project has tools allowing users to build an install image.
* openSUSE
* OS-9 RTOS: The standard OS-9 Configuration Wizard for X86 creates bootable USB sticks. OS-9 5.0 for X86 will support the creation of bootable CDs.
* OSx86
* PCLinuxOS: Version 2009.1 comes with a live USB creator tool, version 2008 "MiniMe" can be installed manually[5]
* Pentoo: Gentoo based live CD and live USB distribution focused on penetration testing and security assessment.
* Puppy Linux Designed for easy install on USB.[6]
* RUNT Linux: Based on Slackware with a 2.4 kernel and Umsdos filesystem. Designed as a network testing tool for students at North Carolina State University.
* sidux: Based on Debian unstable (sid)
* Slax: Slackware based installation.
* Sugar (desktop_environment) - Sugar on a Stick is a LiveUSB for children and learning.
* Super OS: usb-creator and cd2usb already included on the DVD
* Ubuntu (can be installed directly to a flash drive or USB external hard drive manually by using tools like usb-creator, UNetbootin, or cd2usb)
* Windows Preinstallation Environment: Freely available version of a live Windows installation, command-line only.