Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Partition /etc Described

The configuration partition /etc, where all the configuration files are stored.
     etc/shells  :  To see the number and type of shells
     etc/passwd  :  User information
     etc/shadow   :  Password information
     etc/group   :  Groups information
     etc/skel  :  information of defaults of user
     etc/inittab   :  Run levels
     etc/rc.d  :  run controls
     etc/sysconfig/network  :  Hostname to be edited here to make it permanent
     etc/hosts  :  Add the hostname,  to ping with the hostname in network.
     etc/resolv.conf  :  DNS information
     etc/samba : Samba server information
     etc/httpd  :  Webserver information
     etc/vsftpd : FTP server information
     etc/exports  :  NFS configuration
     etc/named  :  DNS configuration
     etc/mail  : Mail server details
     etc/dhcpd.conf  :  DHCP configuration