Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ubuntu Encrypted directory with EncFS

Install the ENCFS package:

apt-get install encfs fuse-utils

modprobe fuse

Make the directory where encrypted data will be stored:

mkdir /encrypted

Make a mount point:

mkdir /temp-encr

use encfs with this directories:

encfs /encrypted /temp-encr

enter your Password.

for avoid the others to access the encrypted data, just unmount the folder:

fusermount -u /encrypted /temp-encr

In encrypted folder only "Encrypted Data" could be seen.

If you want to encrypt a directory on your fileserver and have the decrypted mountpoint accessible by Linux or Windows clients via Samba, you need to modify your setup slightly to permit "other" access to the Fuse device.

First, modify the /etc/fuse.conf file so that the last line "user_allow_other" does NOT have a leading hash. Save and exit.

Next, add an option to your EncFS mount command:

encfs /encrypted /temp-encr -- -o allow_other