Wednesday, February 22, 2012

7 Must Have Linux iPhone Applications

If you’re anything like me and love tech gadgets that allow you to do almost anything..then you undoubtedly own an iPhone.  For the past year of being an iPhone owner, I’ve discovered a ton of iPhone apps that help me in my every day life.  Many of them are Linux apps.  Below you will find a list I’ve put together of must have Linux iPhone apps for you to check out.
Linux Command Reference (FREE) – This iPhone app is a handy command reference for the Linux Terminal.  Perfect for situations when you need to reference a command but you’re in the server room without your computer.
LinuxTube – This app allows you to view Linux related videos as well as chat with other Linux enthusiasts.
Server Remote – Easily monitor your Linux server from your iPhone.  This iPhone application uses the standard SSH protocol to communicate with your servers, and requires no special software to beinstalled on the server end.
SSH – The best SSH client I’ve found in the iPhone app store. It works over Wi-Fi, Edge, and 3G networks.
Chmod (FREE) – Very simple and straight forward reference app for determining file and directory permissions on Mac OS X, Linux and Unix.
Vi Reference – A great reference for those of us who use Vi/Vim.
UNIX Fortune – For those old school nix users, this is the entertaining fortune cookie applicationconverted to an iPhone app.
Hopefully these Linux iPhone apps save you a little bit of time,