Sunday, December 11, 2011

VG commands in AIX

lsvg                      Display all VGs

lsvg -o                  Display all active VGs

lsvg rootvg            Display info about rootvg

lsvg  -l rootvg         Display info about all LVs in rootvg

lsvg -o |lsvg -il       Display info about all LVs in all VGs

lsvg  -p rootvg        Display info about all PVs in rootvg

mkvg  -s 8 hdisk1    Create VG with name vgxx on hdisk1 with partition size 8MB

mkvg -s 8 -y newvg hdisk1          Create VG with name newvg on hdisk1 with partition size 8MB

mkvg -s 4 -t 2 -y newvg hdisk1    Create sivg on hdisk1 with PP size 4 and no of partions 2 * 1016

chvg -a y newvg            To automatically activate newvg at startup

chvg -a n newvg            To deactivate the automatic activation at startup

chvg -t 2 newvg            To change maximum no. of PP / PV to 2032 on vg newvg i.e 2*1016 ( so max no. of hdisk in newvg is 16 as in this case in normalvg)

chvg -Qn newvg            To disable quorum on VG newvg

reorgvg  newvg             Reorganises PP allocation of  VG newvg

extendvg newvg hdisk3 hdisk4    Add PV hdisk3 and hdisk4 to VG newvg

exportvg newvg            Exports the VG newvg

importvg -V 44 -y newvg hdisk2    Import the hdisk2 with name  newvg, and assign major number 44

redcucevg newvg hdisk3        Remove PV hdisk3 from VG newvg

varyoffvg newvg            To deactviate VG newvg (after unmounting filesystems in newvg)

varyonvg newvg             To activate VG newvg

syncvg -v newvg            To sync the mirrored LV in the VG newvg

mirrorvg -S -m newvg hdisk2    To mirror LVs of newvg with hdisk2 (-m for exact mirror, -S for forbackground  mirror)

unmirrorvg newvg hdisk2    To remove the mirrored PV from the newvg