Sunday, December 11, 2011

Useful TIVOLI Commands

q sess   To see currently working sessions

can sess  ( sess no)  To cancel a session

q eve domainname schedulename    To see schedule time,nodename, scgedule name and progress of the scheeduled backup. ( q eve * * to see all scheduled backups)
q proc    To see currently running background processes 
cancel process (process no)    To cancel a process

q node   To view assigned nodes in a Tivoli server 

q filespace   To check backup space utilized for each file system of a server, filesystem type...
q actlog  To view activity log

q act begind=mm/dd/yyyy begint=hh:mm:ss  endd=mm/dd/yyyy endt=hh:mm:ss     To view activity log for a specified period by begining date and end date

q act begind=today-1 begint=00:00   To view activity log from yesterday 12:00 am

q act search=transferred begint=00:00   To see all completed backup size of servers from 12:00 am

q act search=nodename     To view activity log for a node

q drive f=d   To get detailed report of drive, it's status ... 

q library f=d    To get detailed information about tape library  

q libvol    To see volumes in the tape library and it's status
q vol   To see volumes and it's storage pool name, capacity, status 

q req     To see requests 

reply (request no)  To continue request 

q sched     To show schedule name domain, action , start date & time 

q sched f=d   To show detailed report about schedules including schedule backup path

UPDATE LIBVOLUME TS3200 L41117L4  STATUS=SCRATCH    To change a library volume ( L41117L4 ) status to scratch from private 

update node nodename "admin" domain=domainname forcepwreset=Yes    To change a tivoli login password of a node

define vol storagepoolname L41116L4    Add new tape L41116L4 to a storagepool

delete volume L41116L4 discarddata=yes    To delete data inside a tape media L41116L4

To create a new schedule backup (incremental ) for a node

UPDATE SCHEDULE domainname nodename desc="daily incremental backup for a server" action=Incremental options=-subdir=yes objects=""/fs1/*" "/fs2/*" "/home/user1/*"" priority=5 startdate=mm/dd/yyyy starttime=hh:mm duration=1 duru=Hou period=1 perunits=Day dayofweek=Any expiration=never

To start tivoli services in an AIX client

#cd /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin

nohup dsmc sched &     To start scheduled backup service

nohup dsmcad &   To start BA client ( webmode backup i.e. http://ip.address.of.server>:1581)

#cd /usr/tivoli/tsm/StorageAgent/bin

nohup ./dsmsta &        To start storage agent ( LANFREE BACKUP= backup directly from SAN to Tape library )  

#ps -ef | grep dsm     To view currently running Tivoli services in server

To update drive status of a server to online
update path sourceservername TAPE0 srct=server destt=drive libr=ts3200 online=yes
To set serial number of a drive in tape library

UPDATE DRIVE TS3200 TAPE0 ELEMENT=autodetect ONLINE=Yes WWN="2002000E11107B6C" SERIAL=autodetect

To detect label of a tape in tape library

label libvol t3200 checkin=scratch labelsource=barcode search=bulk waittime=0

To remove tape media from tape library

checkout libvol ts3200 VOLLIST=A00015L3,A00019L3 CHECKLABEL=YES REMOVE=YES

To add and label new tapes into library

LABEL libvol TS3200 search=yes labelsource=barcode overwrite=NO checkin=SCRATCH WAITTIME=0

To take full backup of Tivoli database manually to a file in local disk

backup db dev=FILECLASS type=full

to assign a tape drive to a server


If you are not able to take backup through any of Tivoli backup methods ( BA client, dsmc , schedule ) then check any NFS mounted filesystems are there in the server and that server is available or not. If that server is not powered on, either unmount the NFS filesyatem or make that server available...