Friday, September 2, 2011

Encrypt the Mail Attachment.

Now a days internet is considered to be the most unsecured area of data transfer. Most people will send emails with attachment of their confidential matters,agreements etc. Anybody can read once you hack the email. But if attach with an encrypted key,you can open only with the help of a password,which you give at the time of encryption. I am briefing,how to encrypt a file.


OS: Ubuntu 8.04
Application : gpgv

#gpg -c 

This time it will ask for the password twice,give it. And you are done. Now you can
see a filename called Filename.gpg. You can send it through internet comfortably.

For Decrypting do the following

#gpg Filename.gpg

Again it will ask for the password. Give ,OK file is decrypted.